Article AFFR about architecture and film


I’m studying interior architecture and I really want to work at the film industry. Maybe you would think, why aren’t you studying something like production design for film? Because I think if you want to make films you have to know something about space, time, composition and rhythm before you make 2D images for films. So I’m searching for the agreement between architecture and film.

I saw this article about film and architecture on the site of AFFR (Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam). It’s an article where Henning Larsen said architecture and film are both about the experience of space and time. And I do agree with him. And it’s getting interesting when you can’t say if it’s architecture or just an image for a film. Henning Larsen said also that film is, better photography, able to give you the experience of space and time.


Link to article ‘Henning Larsen’ on the AFFR site

Dutch profiles ‘Lucas Maassen’

Dutch profiles did an interview with Lucas Maassen. His discribes his vision about what a chair has to mean and what design is meaning for him.

He said ‘it’s interesting if the activity has to do with the object you’re making’. I put an link below so you can watch that interview, it’s very interesting.


Link to Youtube Dutch Profiles ‘Lucas Maassen’

‘The man who built my childhood’

An article about the short film ‘The man who built my childhood’. Brian Stockton tells in this 5 minutes film about how architecture made the memories of his childhood.

Which buildings did you collect when you grow up?

Below is the link to the article (it is in Dutch). Under that link is a link to the short film on Youtube.

Article ‘The man who built my childhood’

The link to the short film on Youtube